North Louisiana Junior Fishing League

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READ FIRST: Please have ALL the information for the anglers, boat captain, and parents / guardians ready before beginning. It is easier if you have everyone together at one location and use an iPhone / iPad or Android device as signatures are required. You can use a pc or Mac though. You MUST fill out all information, but certain information is REQUIRED before you can submit. Please READ THE RULES first. Payment will be submitted securely via Credit / Debit card when you reach the end of the registration form. The boat captain will receive an emailed copy of all information and a receipt.

NOTE: You can use the SAVE button in the lower right of the screen to create a return link OR email to yourself if you cannot finish the form all at once. You can then forward that link / email to the anglers or parents (for example) to complete information or sign the form – which is helpful if the anglers and parents / guardians live in a different town.

PROBLEMS: Please reach out to with your name and a cell number and subject “Registration Help”. We will contact you directly to assist.